About Us

The Edgerton Travel Plaza is a family-owned and operated truck stop in Edgerton, WI. We are
commonly referred to as The Edgerton Oasis, or just “The Oasis”. We strive to provide a friendly and
welcoming environment for Truckers, Travelers, and Families.

We offer BP branded gasolines for cars and Diesel #2, Premium Diesel, Off-Road Diesel, and DEF at
pumps. We do not mix biofuels into our products.

For our Truck Drivers, we accept a variety of fuel cards and our convenient store has a large selection of

At our drinks bar, we offer self-serve hot coffee, fountain sodas, and ice cream shakes. For a quick bite,
we serve freshly fried Chester’s Chicken at the counter.

The Winchester Restaurant is a family-friendly, sit-down restaurant with a welcoming staff that will
serve freshly cooked food.

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